Montessori Program (3 – 6 Years)

At Royal Windsor Montessori, we provide an authentic Montessori curriculum with excellence in education while meeting your child’s individual needs, in a safe and enriched learning environment. Emphasis is placed on self-directed activity with the guidance of the teacher. Our classroom environment is designed to support and nurture each child’s unique qualities and potential. Our low ratio of 1:8 (Pre casa) or 1:10 (Sr. Montessori) enables teachers to encourage the growth of self-motivated and independent children
Our Montessori Curriculum consists of the following:

  • Practical life
  • Sensorial
  • Cultural
  • Science
  • Language
  • Mathematics
  • French
  • Music

In our Montessori classroom we use authentic, high quality, age appropriate Montessori equipment. All of our materials are designed to be self-teaching where children learn to solve problems, see natural connection in knowledge, learn skills related to practical and expand their imaginative thinking.

We encourage children to work at their own pace, independently or with other children.

Age Group : 3 - 6 Years