Our Teachers & Staff


Royal Windsor Montessori School staff are qualified teachers who are certified Montessori Teachers, registered Early Childhood Educators, certified Ontario College Teachers, and Early Childhood Assistants. The teachers at RWM are passionate, engaging, and inspiring educators who strive for an enriched solid foundation for children. All teachers come from diverse academic backgrounds and specialize in different areas to ensure all children succeed. We are a strong support team who communicates openly with parents to ensure they are up-to-date with their children’s progress. Professional development is extensive and on-going to ensure that staff are “ahead of the curve”.


Our staff promote strong relationship with parents and have an “open door” policy that guarantees parental access to the director and administration to discuss any questions or concerns. Although parents are generally encouraged to raise concerns directly with the child’s teacher, we would like to remind the parents that the teacher’s primary concern throughout the day is the children in their care. For that reason, we ask that parents make an appointment with the teachers and/or administration to address any issues in person or by telephone. Parents will receive on-going communication regarding their child’s progress, achievements, and highlights of their day. Parents will receive a comprehensive progress report card on their child’s development twice a year; in January and June.