Kindergarten Program (3.8- 6 years)

Our Kindergarten Program offers a small class ratio of 1 to 10. It provides children with an enriched Ontario Curriculum that challenges individual needs of all the students in the class.  Individualized student learning occurs through differentiating activities according to your child’s development and learning style. Our learning environment incorporates child-centered materials to foster imagination. Our children are able to set and achieve individual goals, follow a sequence of tasks independently and work co-operatively. Our teachers follow the child’s lead to encourage their inquisitive nature and ensure developmental progress in all areas. We build on a strong foundation with emphasis on developing reading, writing, and numeracy skills.

What will my child be learning in Kindergarten?

Language and Literacy: Our curriculum emphasizes the development of language and literacy skills through reading, writing, and oral communication.  They work collaboratively in small group centres. Children are given the opportunity to read throughout the day both levelled and interest books. Students meet with the teacher for guided reading sessions to encourage reading skills and to determine areas of strengths and needs. Students are encouraged to express their thoughts and feelings orally by contributing to class discussions and lessons.

Science/Social Studies/Geography: Children are given the opportunity to explore the world around them. Children are engaged in hands-on experiences that encourage them to build on their curiosity and sense of wonder through maps, puzzles, and globes.

The Arts: Students are exposed to three areas of the arts: visual, drama, and music. Students use a variety of materials to express themselves. The Arts allows them to artistically expand their minds, express and imagine. In Drama, students create puppet plays and dramatization stories and fairy tales. Through music, they learn concentration, memory, and self-discipline. They learn music through singing, notes, rhythm and the History of music around the world.

Health & Physical Activity:  Children are given the tools to develop a good attitude towards health and physical activity. Physical activity encourages sportsmanship, teamwork, and cooperation skills. Students will participate in planned and spontaneous physical activities that develop their gross motor skills.  Children are given the opportunity to reflect and actively participate in yoga and meditation sessions on their own personal mats.

Technology:  We incorporate 21st century learning as it allows students to explore academically, interactively, collaboratively, with their peers. The Kindergarten program integrates technology through the use of a Smart Board, IPads and a computer as effective tool to enhance their learning lessons and cater to diverse learning styles.

French:  We have integrated a French program to enhance the academic portion of our program.  Children are taught basic French concepts and conversational skills to comprehend the French language. Our French program aims to develop confidence in learning basic oral skills by communicating with peers and teachers in conversation. The curriculum introduce basic French such as days of the week, months of the year, colours, numbers, and seasons through variety of activities, books, music, and games. The French program is offered in the Kindergarten classroom throughout the week as part of the academic curriculum.


Age Group : 3.8- 6 Years